WE WILL PAY YOUR LOAN CLOSING COSTS UP TO $15,000!! Plus we will send you the BEST PROPERTIES often before they hit the market.

Whether you are looking to buy a new or existing home or condominium, we have the market insights, and unique experience and qualifications to help you quickly locate the best homes before other buyers. Learn about our unmatched Wise Buyer Program...





We use cutting edge marketing systems to get top results for sellers. We are members of both GMLS and FMLS and along with 11 websites, your In-Town or North Atlanta home will have Unrivaled Online Exposure. Our list to sell ratio is over 90% throughout Atlanta, 95% in East Cobb, while consistently getting top prices for sellers.




Don’t settle! Partner with an Expert! Whether you're planning to search for a new home, build new, sell, or relocate to metro Atlanta, you have the advantage with Advantage Realtors.

Most agents are simply salespeople. You need experienced real estate and new construction advisers who place your best interests first. We’ll oversee your transaction and guide you smoothly through every step, addressing potential problems before they occur.


Welcome to Great East Cobb Homes!

Advantage Realtors is NOT the usual “big box franchise firm.” We are a privately owned local boutique firm established in 2000. While our license covers the state of Georgia, we primarily serve clients in East Cobb and North Fulton plus Buckhead and In-Town Atlanta.

We have a unique business model and offer far more than the “usual and customary” realtor services you are used to. We don’t need to pay fees to use the name of a Home and Garden Magazine or a Wall Street Firm to gain credibility and trust. We earn our clients trust by providing services 98% of realtors* (anywhere in the US) simply are not qualified to provide, and our sales results for clients are easily in the top 1% of all realtors in Atlanta.*

You’ll benefit from more specialized services than most people have ever experienced, including very rare Direct Broker/Owner Representation to select clients. If we agree to form a working partnership together, I promise you will NOT be handed off to some agent, buyers agent, or other less skilled staff. You will have expert level representation, assistance, and counsel from me, ROBERT WHITFIELD, Founder, Broker/Owner, REALTOR.

*As a point of reference, at last count there were over 1,000,000 realtor members in the US. There are over 35,000 agent/realtors in metro Atlanta.

We have had the pleasure of representing clients from all walks of life:
IT Executives, Engineers, Physicians, Dentists, and more from local to major national and international companies, and organizations, including:

  • East Cobb Buyers – Our Wise Buyer Program is The Most Comprehensive Buyer Representation and Home-finding Program in Atlanta – Period!
  • No Other Realtor or Team at Any Firm Can Match the Accuracy, Relevance, Results, or Speed of Results our Unique Home Finding System Allows.
  • No Other Realtor or Team at Any Firm Can Match the In-depth Insights and Protections we Provide to Our Buyer Clients.

You’ll find your ideal home in Record time ahead of other buyers with our Proven Stress-Free Process! We’ve done that for 18 years - but that’s just one facet of our services. More importantly, you get the ADVANTAGES of our Unmatched Analysis and Advanced Expertise to preview and vet each potential property to assure you make Knowledgeable, Eyes-Wide-Open Choices, Decisions, and Offers!
Unlike most realtors and real estate firms, we have the Specialized Expertise necessary to protect you from Hidden and Costly Purchase Mistakes throughout the Home-finding Process – including Invaluable Go-No-Go Purchase Advice! We are Qualified to Advocate for you on an unmatched range of issues that other realtors don’t address and aren’t qualified to address, in order to assure your success.

  • Your Home SOLD In Your Time-frame and for the Highest Price the Market will Allow…
  • PLUS, With Added Qualifications Other realtors Don’t Have,  We Provide Advanced Problem Solving Skills and Effective Protection against a wide range of Appraiser/Inspector Deal Killer Mistakes. Our Qualifications Allow Us To ADVOCATE For You to Refute and Resolve Mistakes Others Make, Which Owners and Agents are Powerless to Address.
  • With Us On Your Side – You Home Is Much More Likely To Make It to a Successful Close.
Our Elite Marketing System finds the most buyers for your home at the highest price. Our Advanced Expertise and Experience beyond just real estate marketing and sales allows us to Solve Problems most realtors can't to assure your home actually closes.
Our Proven Results include a 90+ % List-To-Sale Ratio at some of the Top SOLD Prices in Neighborhoods all over North Atlanta. Think The Firm An Agent Works For Matters? Think Again! It is the Agent You Hire - Not the Firm, that will Make or Break your Deal! Our Results for Sellers have often Bested the Results of agents from all the "big box national franchise firms." And these results are not tabulated over a few years - but over an 18 year period in the markets we serve!

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