Selling your East Cobb Home

Do you have a home to sell in the East Cobb area of Marietta? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Robert has proven Systems to get your home Sold. Here are some of the most compelling reasons to list your East Cobb home with Robert Whitfield and Advantage Realtors.

Cutting Edge Marketing Systems Other Agents Don’t Use – Unparalleled Exposure

  1. Proper positioning of your home – When you hire Robert Whitfield to market your home, a proven system of approaches will be taken to showcase your home and attract the most qualified buyers. In addition to being listed in both major MLS systems, which puts your home on every Brokers website in Atlanta and most of GA, your home will receive its own website – not a page – a full website. Your homes description will be crafted with appropriate detail and copy that will make it easy for buyers to get a good sense of your homes unique feel and attributes.
  2. Seven (7) East Cobb Specific Websites Focused Solely on the East Cobb CommunityUnprecedented Online Exposure for your East Cobb home! Robert has a suite of 7 full East Cobb websites (not just an East Cobb “page” on a region wide Atlanta site). Each site is designed to showcase the East Cobb area of Marietta, and each East Cobb site is interlinked and fully social media enabled. Each site is focused exclusively on the neighborhoods, and real estate listings in a specific area of East Cobb by price and School Attendance zones – the way the vast majority of families search for their homes. The best aspects of East Cobb life is showcased – neighborhoods, shops, restaurants, parks, annual events and public and private schools. This offers our East Cobb sellers Unprecedented online exposure of their homes through highly relevant local targeting – the type of information search engines like Google seek out. Our unique local content is more relevant than typical realtor sites which focus on metro wide areas. Our sites undergo continual optimization and consistently pull up at the top of Google searches thus attracting buyers looking for homes in specific areas and specific school systems in East Cobb. All but one of our 11 websites are built on the newest WordPress framework which makes them perform well in all the major search engines – Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.
  3. Preparing your home for sale– First Robert will assess your homes structure and major systems for any serious defects or problems and advise you if any conditions are found that may cause a buyer (or their inspector) undue concern. Next, your home must wow and captivate buyers from the moment they enter. Robert will provide guidance on recommended improvements, if any, that can make your home show its best. If needed, Robert has a talented stager who can improve the layout and flow of existing furnishings by using Feng Shui principals to maximize the appeal of important spaces using furniture you already have. The goal is small and cost effective improvements with a big impact that will produce the largest return on your investment. Should any repairs be needed, Robert is qualified to select and oversee contractors and if needed will provide qualified contractors and or professional stagers to get your home in top showing condition.
  4. Accurate Pricing – Determining the best asking price can be one of the most challenging aspects of selling a home. It is critical to get an agent who knows what they are doing, in order to maximize your net! The goal is to price your home at a price that will create immediate excitement and maximum interest from home buyers, while maximizing your results and net on the sale. Robert will provide information on recent sales from your competition zone area using the same criteria appraisers use. That standard and comfortable CMA number is where most agents stop, but it is not necessarily the right number. Each seller has different goals, and other factors must be considered for optimum results. This is where experience comes in – some homes and micro market trends and environments may allow the envelope to be pushed. Robert has experience here, and will advise you on a range of list prices and marketing plans tailored to meet your desired goals of selling at the highest possible price, in the shortest possible time, or a blend of the two. Schedule a Free Home Marketing Analysis.
  5. Professional Photography & HD Video – Just as poor curb appeal will cause buyers to drive on, when buyers view your home online, it only has an instant to make a good impression. The photos of your home must be well shot and properly framed to showcase your home to its best – this is an art. Robert will provide professional photography with Photoshop retouching as necessary. Then we will make an HD video tour of your home and professionally edit it for maximum effect. Your homes video tour will be featured on Robert’s YouTube Video Channel and on the Featured Homes pages of at least 6 or 7 East Cobb Websites, plus Roberts personal site and Advantage Realtors website. HDR processing adds a whole new dimension to real estate photos interior and exterior photography and architectural photography in general. The technique brings out the details and makes it possible to show the view out a window. HDR photographs can be more realistic and three dimensional and they can be more artistic. Photography is often over looked as a vital part of the home selling process. It is easy to stand out on the internet with excellent photography because most real estate agents will not hire a professional photographer. They do it themselves and most do not have the equipment or skills needed to produce commercial quality photos. If you are serious about selling your home, professional real estate photography is a must.
  6. Active Marketing to Find Your Homes Buyer – Most agents marketing consists almost solely of marketing to other agents – Agent to agent networking is important, but it is not enough to get a home sold in a reasonable time and for maximum price. Robert uses active marketing strategies to actually find potential buyers.
  7. Social Media Empowered Marketing Strategies – Robert employs a multitude of Internet Marketing Strategies and uses a professional Social Media Expert to spread the news about your home. Your home will be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Trulia, and thousands of other websites in the US and around the globe. Our marketing utilizes QR codes (Quick Response codes) to take advantage of the emergence of technology savvy and mobile computing enabled consumers. Interested buyers can scan the QR codes on our signage, and other hard media with their smart phones to get information about your home instantly. Our Atlanta Real Estate Blog, and Multiple East Cobb Blogs features all the latest news on the East Cobb area.
  8. A Reputation of Putting Clients First – Honesty, integrity, and hard work have always been the hallmarks of Roberts personal and business conduct in all matters. Anyone can say it – Roberts actions prove it. From being upfront and frank with every client, to the outstanding extra services and efforts Robert provides that go well beyond the expected services of any real estate professional, and are not required by GA real estate regulations – Roberts buyer and seller clients know who he is looking out for. What Roberts Clients Say.
  9. Experienced Broker/Owner Oversight of Your Transaction from day 1 to closing – From the day we list your property, until we meet at the closing attorney’s office to sign documents, Robert is there looking out for your interests: from helping you with a negotiation strategy to obtain an accepted offer, to monitoring and follow up with the buyer’s agent and buyer’s lender, attending the home inspection and following up on inspection findings to help you understand and cost effectively resolve requested repairs, and where necessary refute any requested repairs that are bad calls, or not code required, and, providing all relevant information including accurate comparables to the appraiser, to assure your home receives full value. Robert has successfully refuted and won several low appraisals, saving his sellers deals from buyer termination and preserving thousands in lost equity via buyer price reduction amendments.
  10. Results That Matter – Many agents brag about how many homes they sold in a year or that they are #1 in their office, etc – but the fact is, volume is a metric that only tells how they did for themselves, not how well they did for their sellers! What is important is how the seller faired, not the agent. Robert has a track record of proven success measured in results for sellers. Robert has set several neighborhood price records in various East Cobb and north Atlanta neighborhoods, outselling many well known and self professed “high-volume” agents, including selling homes after other large national franchise brokerage firms had failed. As a bonus, Robert has also saved sellers thousands in unwarranted repair demands by challenging the results of erroneous inspection reports – something ordinary agents don’t have the qualifications or knowledge to refute, or the credentials to refute. Robert has successfully challenged bad appraisals, saving his clients $25,000 – $30,000, and often has been the sole driver in keeping his clients transactions from falling apart by taking positive action when the other parties agent dropped the ball, and overcoming various challenges originating on the both sides of the table. In fact, in over 12 years, Robert has never had a signed deal for one of his buyer or seller clients fall apart – something very few agents can say. View Roberts Results For Sellers.

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