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Robert Whitfield has a considerable wealth of experience when it comes to buying, selling, or building  homes, and works with each client in a collaborative way as a trusted advisor to help them achieve their goals. Robert is qualified to assist clients with a host of complex matters that can surface and become a necessary part of real estate transactions, many of which fall completely outside the competencies and expertise of ordinary agents. In addition to a background in home building and building structural analysis, new construction monitoring, and environmental testing, Robert also offers his clients professional level services like impactful HDR photography and video services.

Like many businesses, real estate is about people, and it is the relationships developed while protecting and assisting clients that have kept Robert an excited and passionate broker and client advocate for over a decade.

Industry Leading Experience & Buyer/Seller Representation

Before embarking on a career in real estate, Robert owned a home inspection and environmental consulting company for over 15 years, and is an ICC Certified Residential Combination Inspector. Robert has performed building evaluations and new home construction monitoring on over $150 million dollars worth of single family, multifamily and light commercial real estate. This in addition to being a Licensed Georgia Broker/Owner, gives him an incredible edge in being able to better inform, advise, and counsel his buyer and seller clients on a range of issues that come up when buying, selling, or building their home. These credentials, qualifications, and experience mean that in addition to having a command of the usual and customary business of real estate, namely marketing and sales, Robert offers the advantage of being in a position to look out for his clients and advise them in an educated way on a broad range of more complex real estate related issues that can and do impact all buyers and sellers, including, contractual, legal, regulatory, home building, structural, and environmental issues, to name a few.

When things go smoothly, any agent will do – it’s when the unexpected occurs, as it often does, that folks look back and dearly wish they had an expert on their side instead of a general practitioner.

Robert’s multi-faceted background and insights make him adept at anticipating and addressing potential issues in each clients transaction, before they become a problem. Should unforeseeable problems arise, as can happen, he has the depth of experience required to effectively advise clients on the best course of action for a successful outcome. When the need arises, clients can rely on Robert to bring his full range of experience and abilities to bear and advocate for them in ways ordinary agents would be at a loss to address or speak to with the same level of knowledge and authority. For very rare, or unusually complex issues that require skilled legal advice, Roberts clients can rely on the sound counsel of his Corporate Attorneys; Weissman, Nowack, Curry & Wilco, the largest and most experienced real estate law firm in Georgia.

Buying a home can be exciting, stressful, and intimidating all at once, but with Robert as a guide and trusted advisor, the process will be smooth. His unmatched due diligence services detailed below, take much of the inherent risk and unknowns out of the equation and makes the process more transparent, safe and enjoyable. Robert provides accurate market analyses to show buyers the honest values of the homes they are considering. This all combines to allow buyers to make more informed, comfortable decisions with much less stress and results in a sound purchase and successful match of my client and their ideal home.

Industry Leading Buyer Services

Robert’s buyer clients receive a range of unmatched and diligent services that give them more information and insights about properties before they move forward with an offer – giving them an edge over all other buyers in the market, for example:

Each client receives complimentary pre-purchase building structure evaluations of every home of interest which identifies any existing serious or costly defects, shoddy work, improper repairs, life safety hazards, or construction flaws. The advantage of being more informed about properties before submitting an offer (as opposed to after a home inspection – assuming you found a competent and honest inspector) are several:

  • The number one advantage is that Robert will not hesitate to inform and advise clients NOT to buy certain homes or deal with certain builders when that call is warranted. This helps to assure Roberts clients make a sound purchase, and, it allows clients to move on without “detouring up the wrong alley” and wasting precious time, money, and emotional resources on unsuitable homes. Robert’s clients can focus on better opportunities while they are still available.
  • Being armed with more information and better insights about the pluses and minuses of the homes you’re considering, makes for more informed choices and choosing between two or more homes becomes much easier.
  • Roberts buyers use insights about existing problem issues to their advantage – factoring that information into the offer price allows you to submit a more accurate (reasonable) offer price. (Waiting to learn about problems after an inspection, often results in buyers offering a higher price than if they had known about the problem(s) up front)
  • Roberts clients have the opportunity to assure repairs of concern are done by placing them in the actual purchase and sale agreement, making the offer contingent on the seller doing the repair! (Repairs requested after a home inspection are negotiable – the seller can reject some, all, or the one you are most concerned with – leaving you to accept the issue or backing out of the deal)

Invaluable Experience with New Homes – Homes Under Construction

Robert has advanced experience and qualifications to assist buyers with every facet of the new home construction process and has successfully dealt with architects, engineers, custom builders, volume builders, and site superintendents on behalf of clients desiring to make a new home purchase and/or build a new home. Robert can assist clients in all matters ranging from lot selection assistance, builder meetings, upgrade and component package selection, ongoing construction monitoring from the ground up, or at any stage, to attendance at walk through, pre-drywall inspection, advice and consulting on construction alterations and repairs that are sometimes required, final walk through and release, to closing and beyond.

Contact me with any question you may have about East Cobb or Atlanta real estate. I stand ready to provide unmatched assistance with your home buying, selling, or building needs.


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